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Kingsroad is a free-to-play, browser based, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), developed by Rumble Entertainment. The realm of Anderstone is in turmoil and you, a King’s Knight will have to restore peace and order to the land.

Kingsroad is pretty much a standard representative of the genre. You start by choosing one of the available three classes, Warrior, Archer or Wizard and set off to save the land. Each class has its own skill tree and of course, gear specifically designed for it. For a browser game, Kingsroad features amazing 3D graphics that will remind you of other, more expensive games and a soundtrack that adds wonderfully to the whole experience. Combat is very easy; you just click on your opponent and use all your available abilities to defeat them. And of course there is loot; from common to epic quality, there is an amazing amount of items to collect; you will find yourself spending money in order to purchase more slots in your bags to accommodate it. There is a story behind the game and a good amount of quests to complete, but you will be too preoccupied with hacking and slashing through hordes of monsters to pay real attention to it. The game urges you to team up with other players since this can offer better loot.

Kingsroad is a typical hack and slash Diablo-like game with stunning graphics and beautiful soundtrack. If you are a fan of this kind of games, you should really try it out. You will surely find it extremely difficult to quit.



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