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Infinity Wars is a free to play online 2.5D MMO collectible card game, by Lightmare Studios. Dive into a shattered universe, shredded into multiple realities by the “Calamity” event. The catastrophe that divided the old world into pieces and created chaos between the eight factions that struggle for dominance. Cult of Verore, Descendants of the Dragons, Sleepers of Avarrach, Flame Dawn, Genesis Industries, Warpath, The Exiles and The Overseers form the eight distinctive factions, each one with its unique attributes, strengths and tactical advantages.

Infinity Wars offer the best of the finest collectible card games and gives a new twist by innovating in many aspects. First and foremost, the game is all about strategy and tactics which are more crucial than ever as you willneed to adjust to the simultaneously-turn based gameplay and outsmart your opponents with proper card management and deployment. You win if your opponent’s life or morale drop to zero. The Battlefield is divided into four zones, for each player; the Command, the Support, the Attack and the Defense zone, and each one maintains a specific tactical role within the game. More than 800 cards provide endless opportunities for combat variations and attacks. Collect them or trade them and build the ultimate deck of cards. Mind that these cards are not your usual ones; they are beautifully crafted and fully animated and along with the amazing 3D battlefieldsthey add a lot to the game’s high-end presentation values. The cards rare from common to legendary and based on their type, can be tradeable or not (soul-bound).

Overall, Infinity Warsstands out due to the great presentation, innovative gameplay twists and rich PVP world, an elegant mix that guarantees high replay-ability and long gameplay sessions. Bull’s eye!

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows XP or later
Memory (RΑΜ):2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space:5 GB available space
Graphics Card:Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities



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