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IMVU (Instant Message Virtual Universe) is a free-to-play social game from the namesake company. It’s a virtual world addressed mostly to teens where they can make friends, socialize and show their creativity.

After creating an avatar, you are transferred to your home which can be fully furnished with items bought from the in-game store or created by you. Your home and later on, rooms created by you can be set up as private chat-channels for you and your friends to hang out, watch video clips and listen to music. What is more, you can change the appearance of your avatar with clothes and accessories bought from the game’s store; there are literally thousands of items to buy with the majority of them made by the users! IMVU’s currency is called credits and can be earned by selling items in the market, completing mini games and of course with real money. Note that in order to be able to create your own content you must set up a premium account with a monthly subscription.

IMVU features simple but appealing 3D graphics with detailed character models with artwork that youngsters will surely appreciate. Environments are well designed and the in-game creation tool is easy to use. The game’s community is huge, with millions of active users from all over the world. So, if you like games of the genre, IMVU is a title you should not miss!



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