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Heroes In the Sky

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Heroes In the Sky
Heroes In the Sky

Heroes in the Sky is a MMO airplane simulation shooter game developed by GameUS and published by JCPlanet in March 2015. The game takes place during the Second World War, with players having to pick a side between the Axis Force, formed by Germany, Italy and Japan and the Alliance forces, formed by England, France, USA and the Soviet Union. The game features PvE in the form of Scenarios and Co-Op mode and PvP that features Team Deathmatch and Survival Mode.

The progression system allows players through leveling up to unlock stronger planes that come with their own unique available upgrades and players can add items to further strengthen them. There are also shared skills that are separated into the Common, the Fighter, the Gunner and the Bomber categories. All in all Heroes in the Sky is a game that is worth trying out if you love airplanes.

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