Grimoire: Manastorm

3D Client FPS
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Grimoire: Manastorm
Grimoire: Manastorm

A powerful Grimoire, two houses locked in eternal conflict, fireballs and lightning bolts flying all around you. All of this and more can be found in Omniconnection’s Grimoire: Manastorm.

In Grimoire: Manastorm, you are a wizard warrior of one of two magical factions, vying for control over a magical artifact of limitless power known only as The Grimoire. Having been the original harbinger of the magical age, The Grimoire remains to this day the most powerful, and subsequently the most sought after artifact in all of the two kingdoms. You will battle to the death, using every spell and strategy at your disposal, in fast paced First Person magical warfare. Only one house can remain victorious, and it's up to you to help decide who. So the only question left is, who will you fight for?

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