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Golden Rush is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game from Elyland and is a typical representative of the genre with some interesting new introductions.

Instead of the usual clashes between two teams of five, Golden Rush features battle of four teams with three players each, an interesting, to say the least, idea. Initially, there are only three available classes, but as you play the game and earn more Gold Bars, you will unlock more. The object of the first mode, called the Garden of Heroes, is for one team to gather 30.000 gold. Gold is dropped from slayed monsters, occasionally spawned chests or from captured towers that yield a specific amount over the hour. There are also two special boss-type monsters, the Golden Frog and the Golden Dragon that once killed will drop a hefty amount of gold. What is more, when you kill the latter one you will receive a powerful ally in the form of a Bone Dragon.

There is a second mode called Dragon’s Lair where players must collect 12 randomly spawned chests. This mode includes stronger monsters with higher health. In terms of graphics, Golden Rush features beautiful 3D artworks, detailed models and fluid animations. Combat is easy to master and players accustomed to titles of the genre will feel like home.

In conclusion, Golden Rush offers a traditional approach to the popular MOBA genre but with some interesting innovations that spice-up the experience.



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