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    One of Elden Ring’s most difficult bosses just got tougher, and again. FromSoftware has released a small patch overnight to buff Starscourge Radahn following the game’s massive 1.03 patch accidentally weakened some of the demigod’s attacks. A few Elden Ring players are already rejoicing, because if there’s one thing they love they’re getting hammered mercilessly.

    The Redmane Castle’s unofficial boss. Castle, Starscourge Radahn pelts you with arrows, multi-hit combinations as well as a variety of gravity energy strikes to slay recklessness and greed. Starscourge Radahn has already become a famous meme in the Elden Ring community for being both fantastic and completely stupid. If you encountered the guy from March 17 to the day before yesterday, but you weren’t facing him at full strength thanks to a bug that’s been uncovered. Patch 1.03.3 is now available April 4 on console and PC, corrects the issue.

    “Fixed an issue with the balance adjustment for the boss “Starscourge Radahn in update 1.03 where the effectiveness of certain attacks was unintentionally reduced,” the note reads.

    While FromSoftware’s patch notes remain unclear, players were able to discern some of the changes made to Radahn just a few minutes after update 1.03 first came out. Particularly, damage from melee as well as some other attacks were reduced and his hitboxes to connect with attacks also became smaller. No longer.

    There are a couple of distinctive aspects of the Radahn fight, among them the fact that a group of famous warriors from the game’s world of fantasy are called in to fight with you. This can help distract Radahn, which lets players sneak in damage without immediately getting clobbered. This also means Radahn is designed to take on a whole squad. There are also classic Souls moments like the way Radahn disappears in the air during the fight, but then comes back to earth just moments later and rain destruction and death.

    However, due to the accident-related nerf, many players recently beat Radahn, without even realizing that they’d received an extra helping hand. “I beat him second time on first playthough… I didn’t know he was nerfed.. I thought I was lucky,” wrote one player on the Elden Ring subreddit. “Defeated him on my third attempt, I also didn’t know this was the case,” wrote another.

    Some players considered Radahn much too easy, especially on second playthroughs. “40 years in the future: ‘gather your grandchildren, and hear the tale of my epic fight with prior nerf Radahn the of the Scourge of the Stars,'” One player jokingly said shortly after the nerf was revealed. No matter if they wanted to or not, the rest of us can enjoy the splendor of the Radahn battle, just as it was evidently intended.
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