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    As successful as Lost Ark’s western launch was, Amazon and Smilegate are currently at war with an endless army of bots. Even though millions of them have been vanquished, the game is still plagued by them, causing massive queues and disrupting the in-game economy. Meanwhile in Korea, things seem to be just peachy, with Smilegate hosting its LOA ON event (thanks PCGamesN).
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    The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the reveal of the new Aeromancer class. As the name suggests, the class plays sort of like an Airbender with an umbrella, as she dishes out wind based attacks which have quite a range. Her combat style also features area of effect attacks, dash attacks, and even one that summons thunder and lightning. The Aeromancer will launch on Korean servers on July 6; no indication was given about when the new class will launch for western servers.

    From someone who wields wind based attacks to someone who notices the wind howling, Smilegate also announced that The Witcher 3 will collaborate with Lost Ark. While the collab was announced, the developer didn’t really elaborate on the nature of it. Perhaps Geralt will show up in Arkesia with a bunch of quests about strange monsters. Monster Hunter World introduced the White Wolf via a botched portal, so it won’t be too hard to figure out a way.
    No date was given for the Lost Ark X Witcher 3 collaboration either, but you can be sure that it will come to Korean servers a while before it reaches the west.

    As for the smaller updates, the official Lost Ark subreddit has provided a quick summary of what all was announced. Some of the highlights include a function to visit your friends in different servers, a revamp to the Tripod mechanics, and a bunch of ways to introduce new players to the game.
    Lost Ark recently reversed one of the features it was supposed to introduce in an upcoming update. Due to the bots plaguing the game, the Yoz’s Jar cosmetic system was at risk of being exploited by accounts dabbling in real money transfers, prompting the devs to hold off on it for now.

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