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    Lost Ark’s next update just arrived, This is a packed update, which isn’t surprising considering there’s a whole new continent coming to explore. The team released initial details recently about the item level requirements just to even enter Elgacia, in order to give any stragglers time to get their characters ready for the new content.
    Not only is there new terrain, but the story continues. The Demon invasion is beginning in South Vern and all over the world, Chaos Gates are feeding Legion Commanders’ power. There needs to be somewhere to go in order to have any hope of saving Arkesia, especially with the resurrection of Kazeros on the horizon. The gates of Elgacia will open, bringing a new story, new missions, new characters, places to explore, and much more. Explore and investigate, to discover the secrets of the Lazeniths.
    On the new continent, you’ll find a new field boss named Israfel, for item level 1540+, a new wandering merchant, new Rapport NPCs and quests, and a number of things to unlock. There are new collectibles, new titles, achievements, cards, and card sets, new continent specific jukebox songs and an Elgacia Knowledge Transfer option.
    As for challenges, aside from the new world boss, there’s the new endgame Abyssal Dungeon: Kayangel, Light’s Sanctuary. This one arrives in two difficulties–normal and hard–and there are four gates to save your progress. This four-player dungeon is only accessible after you finish the Elgacia story.
    Also coming is the unlock for the final 25 floors of Fortunespire. The tower will unlock and you will get first time clear rewards for every level you go up.
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