Lost Ark loses over 300,000 players after “massive” ban wave

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    Over the past week, Lost Ark has lost roughly over 300,000 players according to Steamcharts and SteamDB. This hugely popular action MMORPG, which launched to ridiculous levels of success earlier this year, appears to have wiped out a significant number of players via a recent ban wave which resulted in the dramatic drop.
    For those not in the know, the team at Amazon Game Studios have been battling an ongoing botting problem for some time now. Through multiple official blog posts coinciding with major updates, the topic of botting has been a near-constant presence, and the continuous cat and mouse chase between developers and cheaters has trucked along over several months.
    On June 16, and it looks like both botters and real money traders have been hit hard. A day before, it was announced via Twitter as well as an official post on the Lost Ark forums that a “massive” ban wave will be coming alongside the scheduled update. They weren’t kidding! This otherwise regular patch seems to have been packing some extra juice under the hood, resulting in a sharper drop than usual of players in the days following the patch. The number of concurrent players did initially reach roughly 550,000 immediately after, but began plummeting to around 200,000 over the weekend.
    This resulted in two vastly different reactions from the two factions. On popular cheating forums and botting hubs, threads with users performing pseudo damage checks are easy to find, with posters reporting on what accounts of theirs received bans, the duration of these bans, and what services or in-game actions may have gotten them caught on Amazon’s radar.
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