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    Even though Lost Ark is an MMO through and through, the solo experience is pleasing. With the game being out for over a month now, players seem to have found the best solo class in Lost Ark.

    Lost Ark has been out for a few years already in a few regions like Korea. Naturally, a lot of content that is slowly being introduced in the game has already been out there. This gave the developers a much easier time when it comes to balancing the experience of both solo and group players.

    There is a TON of content for you to soak in yourself. From exploring islands for tokens to solo raids, you can do most of the things a group can do on your own.
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    That being said, it’s no secret that not every class and every player can do it successfully. It is harder to complete everything independently, especially in the more challenging raids.

    We highly recommend exploring islands if you’re looking for some solo content but don’t know where to start. You can earn many precious rewards, but be sure to have your ship ready and upgraded. Many dangers lie ahead on the seas of Arkesia.

    What Is the Best Solo Class in Lost Ark
    When selecting the best class in Lost Ark for solo play, you have to consider what makes a class suitable for it. There are multiple factors we have to take into consideration:

    High burst damage and AOE to clear rooms efficiently
    Tankiness because you are going to be the only one tanking
    Mid to low cooldowns to avoid long downtimes and being surrounded by enemies
    Kit simplicity to avoid unecessary deaths
    If we take all of the points mentioned above and compare all the classes, there is no other answer than The Berserker.

    With an incredible amount of AOE, an easy to grasp kit, and buffs when the HP is low, the Berserker is by far the best class to play solo.

    No other class comes even remotely close to the Berserker. With all of the damage spells being AOE, a lot of CC, and movement enhancing abilities, the Berserker is unmatched.

    Another big thing to consider is probably one of the best PvE abilities in the game, the Berserk Mode, which grants your class massive attack speed and damage potential.

    Want a real challenge on your solo account? Try to see if you can beat the Alberhastic Guardian Raid. You’ll be a true master of the Berserker if you can!

    What Is the Best Build for Solo Play in Lost Ark
    To put it simply, the best build for The Berserker in a solo run is focused on AOE. If you decide to try out this build, you will see how fast you clear rooms. It will drastically reduce the time it takes to reach level 50.

    Besides AOE, the Berserker also has access to numerous movement speed and tenacity buffs. They significantly reduce the risk of getting CC’d in crucial timings of raids.

    Here is the build that we recommend for Berserker solo play in Lost Ark:

    Please remember that this build is a more general build aimed at players of all skill levels. As such, it does not include engravings. For more information about engravings, check out our guide.

    This build is also a PvE exclusive one. If you’re looking for a PvP build, check out our latest tier list. We went in-depth on every class in the game.

    The Berserker might be powerful, but there is another class that tops it in terms of DPS.

    This build was created via the Papunika Lost Ark Build Planner.

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