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    Amazon Games hasn’t revealed the exact release date for Lost Ark’s August 2023; however, we can expect it to launch around August 10. We will update this page once we get an official announcement regarding it.
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    Lost Ark August 2023 Update Content
    Pet Ranch
    The Pet Ranch is a fun place to grow with your pet as you explore, learn, and get rewards. You need to unlock the farm, the cave, and have a pet and then complete the ‘Yay, Pet Ranch!’ quest. You will then have to keep your pet happy, manage its functions, and earn Jelly Cookies that you can swap for amazing rewards.
    Maharaka Festive Part 2: Blooming Mokokos
    The Maharaka Festival is getting more exciting, with new activities coming to the August Update. Collect lucky leaves from the Maharaka Tree in Maharaka Paradise that you will be able to exchange for awesome rewards like mounts, animal skins, and more.
    Progression Events
    A Powerpass
    An upgraded Hyper Express Event
    When players participate in the express event, they will receive gear and skills.
    The honing boost will last up to Item Level 1490, with additional support up to Item Level 1540.
    Rewards, including gems, will be better than previous Hyper Express events.
    Engraving Updates
    Engraving System Unlock Level will be changed to Lv. 50
    Some engravings can be obtained and used before Lv. 50
    If the engraving system is already open, the engraving can be applied the same way as before even after the update.
    Starting levels of all engravings will be Lv.1 upon unlocking the engraving system.
    Since all engravings can be used after unlocking the system, Uncommon Engraving Recipes will be removed from game (in-game compensations rewarding these will be added).
    Quality of Life
    Increase battle item support in Guardian Raids up to Kungelanium (Item Level 1460).
    Ship skin’s cosmetic and effect will be separated in settings for convenience.
    Waiting times for event islands will be eliminated.
    Sailing coins and keys will be consolidated and changed from 5 to 2.
    Reducing Sailing quests and playtime. Gate quests will be removed, and their rewards will be rebalanced as rewards for other content.

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