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    It’s no secret that Lost Ark has one of the most content-rich endgames on the market. One of the most complete MMOs in recent memory, Lost Ark comes packed with things to do, see and experience. They are challenging and extremely rewarding, and have a very satisfying skill floor. The Alberhastic Guardian Raid is no different.

    One of the most difficult raids to complete, packed with A LOT of mechanics to know about, a boss with an unfairly large HP bar, the Alberhastic Guardian raid offers some of the best rewards in the game.

    Raids are an essential part of any MMO. In Lost Ark, they are the main end game PvE content, and one of the best (but also hardest) ways to progress your characters.

    They require you to have a high understanding of your class, your teammate’s classes, combat items, skills, engravings, and special mechanics, unique to each boss and raid. This is why they are very difficult and most of the time will take you a few tries to beat them.If you are looking for Lost Ark Gold, just google search Aoeah and check it out, use code FORUM for discount!

    How to beat the Alberhastic Guardian Raid
    The Alberhastic raid is one of the most difficult raids in the game. The boss has multiple forms, a ton of hp, and very few weaknesses.

    This guardian has five different forms. At the first encounter, he will be in his “normal” form. The other forms are two melee “claw” forms and two flying forms. Each form has a different one-shot mechanic that it can utilize, so it is essential you memorize them on your first tries.

    These transformations that the boss does can happen at random, and they usually happen when you encounter him or after escaping to a different area.

    Special Orbs
    The guardian will often spawn next to him some bright red orbs that you and your entire party will HAVE to focus on. This is an essential part of beating this boss. If they are not destroyed, the boss will consume said orbs and become stronger, increasing his damage. His damage can be increased to the point that even basic abilities will one-shot ANY class. Make sure you focus on the orbs every time they spawn for great success.

    Although destroying the orbs will debuff your characters for a few seconds, items like Panacea can be used to eliminate the debuff instantly. Alongside this effect, destroying the red orbs will spawn blue orbs that can be consumed by the player to completely negate the next instance of damage they take. Make sure to use this against the boss’s most powerful attacks.

    So, even if destroying the orbs debuffs you, the payoff is always worth it.

    Alberhastic Guardian Raid Oneshot Mechanics
    Silver/Gold Orbs
    The first way the guardian will try to wipe you in one hit is the Silver/Gold orbs. The boss will spawn some silver and gold orbs around him, and, after a while, glow in one of the two colors.

    After that, you have to get hit by either the gold or silver orb, depending on which color he flashed. If he flashes gold, you get the gold orb. If he flashes silver, you get the silver orb. The idea is that if you got the right orb you will have an aura that will protect you from the boss’s next attack.

    If you don’t have that aura, (or are not away from the range of the attack), the next attack will one-shot you.

    Also, try to only get hit by one orb. If you are hit by an orb with the same color, your aura will not change, but you will get stunned. Besides that, if you get hit by a different color orb, your aura will change.

    If you did not manage to hit the right color, make sure you get as far away from the boss as possible.

    The Faint Blue Aura
    Upon encountering the boss after they changed form or ran away to recharge, you can see a faint blue aura on him. Make sure to pay attention and coordinate with your team on this one. After the aura appears you have around 20 seconds to impair him and down him, either through skills or using grenades.

    If you fail, the boss will perform an attack (depending on which form he is in) that is very hard to avoid and will one-shot.

    This is when you should use your items like the scarecrow and the impairment bombs.

    The Blue Tornados
    The blue tornados are one of the easier mechanics to dodge. The boss will only perform this mechanic when he is in the flying form.

    The key to this mechanic is to avoid tornados when they spawn. If you get hit by a tornado it will knock you up. After that, it will place a debuff on your character that will stop you from getting knocked up anymore.

    At a certain point, after the tornados have spawned, the boss will perform an attack that one-shots. It can be avoided if you step into one of the tornados. This is why it is important to get hit by the tornado ONLY when the boss is about to attack.

    If you do get hit by a tornado, however, you can use the Panacea potion to remove the debuff.

    Because of how difficult it is, it’s very important that you play it a few times with low expectations. Also, it is highly recommended that you try this raid with a guild.

    Even if you die a lot, do not get discouraged! This is the fun of raids. Trial and error – falling down and getting back up.

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