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    There are many changes, bug fixes, and even new settings alongside the huge Stronghold update in Lost Ark’s in September.
    Check out the official Lost Ark patch notes for 7th September 2022 below, as per a lengthy post by the developers.
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    Added new settings
    UI Display Settings
    Alter HUD Size, Buff Icon Size, and the number of Buff icons shown
    Set Buff Icon Display Priority
    Added an option to favorite different settings, along with a new widget under the mini-map to quickly access favorited settings.
    Added a new tab under ‘Gameplay’ named ‘Combat Related Settings’
    Revised the location of various settings to fall under this new tab.

    Updated the Content Status UI to better display the status of content (in relation to its completion) on each character. This includes adding new settings, changing how the status is shown, and implementing the following updates:
    Added full-screen option to check detailed completion status of all content.
    Added an icon to indicate if gold can be obtained from various pieces of content.
    Content that you cannot obtain gold from can now be displayed.

    You can now write announcements in Global Chat.
    You can now search past messages in Global Chat conversations.
    Button to send messages via mouse-click instead of ‘Enter’ has been added

    Chat category filters have been added and integrated.
    Added ‘Combat’ and ‘Content’ filters.
    ‘Error’ and ‘Warning’ have been merged into Caution (warning).
    Consolidated several chat tab groups such as ‘Loot’, ‘Experience’, and ‘Currency’ into ‘Obtained (Consume)’.

    All friends and blocked players have been converted to be Roster-wide.
    Added a chat command to block another player using “/block” or “/ban” followed by their character name.
    You can now update your status in the Friends menu to switch between Connected, AFK, and Offline.
    You can now add friends from other servers in the same region.

    When participating in the Proving Grounds the intro sequence at start of the game has been shortened for players to jump into the action even faster.
    Reduced the position selection phase in Team Elimination from 20s to 10s.
    Added an option to skip cinematics when starting a PvP match.
    Added a free camera in Team Deathmatch spectator mode.
    You can move the camera point of view with the W, A, S, and D keys.
    You can zoom in/out the camera with the Q and E keys.
    You can adjust the camera movement speed with the Z and C keys.
    You can switch between full screen and specific participant cameras using Number Pad 1-9 keys.

    General Lost ARk Changes & Improvements
    Controller support improved with updates made to using targeting-based skills.
    You can set the pointer speed when point controlling.
    You can turn on/off the display for the point control guide.
    Key Guide:
    LS, RS: Depending on the point control skill, you can use the LS and RS keys to determine where to use the skill.
    LT, RT: You can auto-target enemies within 16m of the character.
    LB, RB: You can auto-target party members within 16m of the character.
    X: Use skills, Y: Cancel skill use.
    Adventurer Tome Cooking Updates
    Gourmet Stir-Fried Mushroom
    Mushrooms will now only spawn within the Mushroom Cultivation Grounds of the Unfinished Garden instead of being spread out.
    The respawn time for mushrooms has been greatly reduced.
    The number of times a mushroom can be interacted with has been changed from 2 to 1 per spawn.
    Worm Head Jelly
    The probability of obtaining a “Fresh Worm Head” has been greatly increased.
    Krakan Intestine Cream Soup
    The probability of obtaining a “Fine Intestine” has been greatly increased
    Snail Roll Cake
    Increased the amount of times snails can be collected from 1 to 2 per object
    Decreased the respawn timer for snails
    Card Pack icons have been updated to reflect the rarity of card packs that can be obtained from them. Similarly, the resulting individual pack icons have been updated as well.
    Added 2 new hair types for all root classes.

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