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    The Meteorite Staff is a great weapon for any Elden Ring magic build, especially for Tarnished looking to barrage their foes with deadly ranged spells that deal huge amounts of damage.
    Elden Ring players looking for a powerful Glintstone Stave will want to add the Meteorite Staff to their arsenal. This magical weapon is particularly useful in the early to mid-game boss fights, which is largely down to its S scaling in Intelligence.
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    Map location for the Meteorite Staff
    The Meteorite Staff is located in Caelid, near the Street of Sages Ruins. If you have this area of the map unlocked, then simply travel to the Aeonia Swamp Shore Site of Grace and head directly north until you reach the ruins.

    How to get the Meteorite Staff
    Once you’re at this location, simply look for the small building with stairs. There will be a tiny room that has a number of poisonous plants inside it, so quickly rush in or use ranged attacks to defeat them.
    After clearing the area of any danger, head inside and interact with the corpse that is hanging out the window. This will reward you with the Meteorite Staff.
    Of course, if you don’t have access to any Sites of Grace in Caelid, then follow the instructions outlined below.
    Head over to the Dragon Burnt Ruins in the center of Agheel Lake.
    Head down the steps that lead into the ruin basement.
    Open the door and interact with the chest.
    The chest will teleport you to Sellia Crystal Tunnel.
    Jump down into the cavern and run towards the small tunnel on the left side.
    Activate the Site of Grace and follow the tunnel outside.
    Head directly northwest until you reach the ruins.

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