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    Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree was teased back in February, but we’ve still got a long wait until we can actually play it. That’s unless FromSoftware decides to drop it out of the blue one day, that is. Fortunately those of you fixing for some more Elden Ring have a solution.
    The team behind the incredible Elden Ring: The Convergence mod have just released a brand-new free update that comes packed with even more new content.
    The Convergence mod is mind-bogglingly massive, and totally overhauls the base game to include dozens of new weapons, hundreds of new spells, revamped areas and maps, improved visuals, new enemies, bosses and so much more. It is, hands-down, one of the most impressive mods I’ve ever seen.
    Version 1.3 is available now and comes with over 100 bug fixes and even introduces a new boss: the terrifying Godskin Matriarch.
    Among all the fixes and tweaks you can also expect new enemy camps, slightly reworked maps, a ton of new weapons, and dozens of improvements to spells. In other words, the best Elden Ring mod just got even better. There’s an awful lot riding on Shadow Of The Erdtree at this point.
    In other FromSoftware news, the studio recently teased further official expansions after Shadow Of The Erdtree. This isn’t too surprising, given how successful Elden Ring has been. But hey, if you guys want to hire the modders who put so much work into The Convergence, that certainly wouldn’t be the worst idea.
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