Elden Ring Player Discovers Hilarious Trick to Instantly Kill Banished Knights

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    A Reddit user named rbmbox has shared a clip from Elden Ring with this trick, showing how others can defeat Banished Knights in a clever way. In the video, the player rbmbox climbs to the edge of a platform, before locking onto the Banished Knight nearby. They attack the enemy with a weak spell, and instantly turn around with their back toward the edge. The Banished Knight tries to teleport behind the player, but the clever positioning results in the enemy falling to their demise. Rbmbox gets 2,631 runes for their efforts, bringing the total number of runes they are carrying to over 90,000.
    It looks like many Elden Ring players had a difficult time dealing with the Banished Knights in the game, as the comments section is filled with users expressing their hatred for this enemy type. Many fans also share their appreciation, while one user mentions that rbmbox has avenged several Elden Ring players by using this trick. Some other comments feature gamers making jokes about rbmbox having extremely high Intelligence in Elden Ring, with one player praising FromSoftware’s gameplay design for allowing fans to use the enemy’s move against it.
    It also seems like Elden Ring users on Reddit want to see specific enemies get similarly destroyed, with one fan wanting to go back to picking on the game’s Tree Sentinels. For those unaware, some players started bullying the Draconic Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring, as gamers would share new and interesting ways of defeating this enemy with relative ease. Users uploaded many hilarious videos showing the Tree Sentinel getting completely destroyed, with each player trying to one up a previously shared clip.
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