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    Some Elden Ring fans have a debate on the most beautiful locations in the game. Elden Ring features a massive open world, and gamers will journey through a wide variety of regions as they play through the game.
    A user named mor2lor has made a new post on Reddit, asking Elden Ring players about their favorite areas in the game. They have shared a gorgeous image from Elden Ring to go along with the post, using the shot from when gamers arrive in Liurnia as an example. The replies in the comments section are extremely varied, with fans giving different reasons for choosing a particular area as their favorite.
    Leyndell appears to have a lot of fans, as many gamers comment on its beauty. On the other hand, one player names Limgrave as their favorite area in Elden Ring, stating that it serves as a good first region of the game. They mention Limgrave’s simplicity and unique bosses, while also commenting on how it reinforces the idea that Elden Ring is a difficult game. Overall, gamers love different regions of Elden Ring depending upon their preferences, with Caelid also managing to get a few votes.
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