Elden Ring Discovery Makes Flame and Cleanse Me Incantation More Useful

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    A Reddit user named Vault_CXV realized that Flame, Cleanse Me can also help in removing the Frostbite status effect in Elden Ring. As seen in the video, the Frostbite meter is almost fully complete, but it gets removed as soon as the player uses this Incantation. Vault_CXV mentioned in the post’s title that the official description of Flame, Cleanse Me only makes note of poison and scarlet rot buildup in Elden Ring, so it it’s surprising that it comes with the added benefit of removing Frostbite as well.
    It looks like many players in the comments section agree that Flame, Cleanse Me reacting with Frostbite in this manner makes sense, as it deals fire damage every time fans use it. Given that the Frostbite Debuff can be removed with fire, it looks like the gameplay systems in Elden Ring are working as indented. It does seem like some gamers thought that this result was fairly obvious, even though the description of Flame, Cleanse Me doesn’t outright mention Frostbite.
    A few players also claim to be unaware of Flame, Cleanse Me damaging them, with one fan stating that they have completed multiple playthroughs of Elden Ring without knowing about this downside. One gamer offers a reasonable explanation for this, stating that Flame, Cleanse Me is often utilized when users have been afflicted with a damage-over-time effect, so it may be difficult to notice its damage.
    While Flame, Cleanse Me can be useful in these scenarios, there are many powerful Incantations in Elden Ring available to players. Incantations like Golden Vow, Immutable Shield, and Frenzied Burst are considered to be among the best ones in the game, with Flame of the Fell God, Black Flame Blade, and Protection of the Erdtree also being viable.
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