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Faeria is a free-to-play game from Abrakam SA. It successfully combines elements from strategy and Collectible Card Games in a fast-paced, highly entertaining mix.

Build your deck of cards and take them to battle! Try to carefully deploy your plan of attack and in the same time watch out for your opponent’s next move, it may be a game changer! Will you lay down a land tile, summon a unit, draw a card or just sit back and get another faeria (mana) point for your pool in order to be able to unleash a powerful combo in your next turn? This is a game of strategic thinking and careful planning, where control over the board is necessary and where sometimes a wrong move will result in an embarrassing defeat! If you are looking for a new exciting game combining strategy and deck building, Faeria is an absolute must-have!

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Faeria’s newest expansion Chronicles of Gagana

Faeria is a card game developed and released by the independant game studio Abrakam in 2017. Faeria ...[Read More]

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