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Eredan iTCG is a free-to-play Trading Card Game (TCG) from Feerik that you can play from your browser. The story takes place in a medieval fantasy world in chaos and you are Lucyan, a young but promising hero with the task of restoring peace and order.

In order to learn the game basics, there is a small tutorial which will introduce you to the main story and explain your cards’ attributes and characteristics. In the end, you are rewarded with a starting deck connected to the eleven playable factions of the game. Each faction has a different background, different card set and therefore a unique gameplay. There are many kinds of cards, item, spell, weapons and character cards and each one can be upgraded and enhanced.

The combat system is easy to master and has some interesting twists. Each player starts with three character cards (classes) which are their main deck heroes and a hand of five random cards. Every turn a hero from each side will have to fight another and use one or more cards from the ones in their hand. Health points are subtracted after each round and when a hero’s life total reaches zero they are taken out of combat. The player with no hero left loses the fight.

Eredan iTCG is a fun game with an easy to master combat system that doesn’t innovate, yet it does offer some new ideas to the genre. It features colorful 2D graphics, fast paced battles and regularly updated content; all the above create a highly entertaining game that every TCG fan should try!



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