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Erectus the Game (or EtG) is a free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game from Maata Games you can enjoy from your browser. It’s an empire building title that takes place in prehistoric Earth where you play as Homo sapiens and need to work together with others in order to defeat the common enemy, Homo erectus.

You begin with the very helpful tutorial which will show you how to manage your small village, raise buildings and upgrade your farms to sustain more people. Soon you will build your first city which will serve as a starting point from where your empire will flourish. EtG implements an in-game assistant who will give you assignments so that there will always be something to do. At some point you will be able to raise an army; however you must keep in mind that armies come from your population pool so there must always be a balance between workers and soldiers. Once an army is built you can start exploring the map; settlements you discover can be attacked or you can engage into diplomatic negotiations with their owners. You are strongly advised to join alliances since the world of EtG is a brutal one; playing solo will not take you far.

The game features simple graphics that give you a feeling of the era; buildings are nicely detailed with a good variety and the same goes for military units. Erectus the Game is title that offers everything you would expect from a representative of the genre in an original setting; if empire building games are your thing then you should definitely add this one to your game library.



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