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Elsword Online News

Elsword Alianoad Update

Successful anime sidescroller Elsword, developed by South Korean studio KOG’ and published by Gameforge is set to receive a huge update laden with fresh content: from December 13th, players will be able to enter the brand-new town of Elyanod starting at level 99. This town plays a tremendous role in Elsword’s legend as the ancient capital...[Read More]

Elsword: New Character Ain Announced

Gameforge and South Korean developers KOG’ are introducing a new character class to the anime sidescroller Elsword: Ain makes the round dozen of playable heroes. The angel named Ainchase Ishmael combines his godly powers with the earthly precious stone, EL. His ancient way of speaking also belies his position as son of the world of gods. ...[Read More]

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