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The land of Eldevin is in turmoil; the demonic forces of the Infernal Empire have brought chaos and destruction. You and your fellow adventurers will have to discover the Elemental Spheres and put an end to their evil plans.

In Eldevin, the free-to-play, browser based MMORPG from Hunted Cow Studios, players are invited to embark in an adventure with a gripping storyline, hundreds of quests and over 160 different locations to explore. The game features a classless system, an extended talent tree, 14 professions to master, crafting, resource gathering, pets, mounts and fast, action-based combat. There are so many things to do in this game; adventure alone or with company, fight against other players in PVP mode, or enter a guild. Eldevin is a game that every RPG fan should try, at least once.

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