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Dragon Evo is a Trading Card Game (TCG) with RPG elements from Magical Pictures that you can play for free. In a fantasy land called Erendor, where three factions battle each other for supremacy, you are the hero that will try to restore peace and prepare the ground for the return of dragons.

Before you start your adventure, you must choose a race and a class for your hero. These decisions directly affect your game style and subsequently the kind of cards you will receive as a starter deck.  The intriguing story will have you visit numerous locations in the world of Erendor where you will fight against numerous opponents. You have to ally with one of the three warring factions and undertake various missions that will reward you with improved reputation, experience and new cards for your decks.

Battle in Dragon Evo is what you would expect from a game of the genre; players construct a deck that consists of hero and monster cards that have certain abilities and skills, item cards that can be equipped by your character and action cards. As it’s customary, the battle ends when one of the two adversaries has a zero life total. There is also a Deck Builder which allows you to test various card combinations and of course PVP events where you can test your decks against those of real-life opponents.

With a clever mix of traditional elements from two different gaming genres, an interesting story and a big card library that is updated regularly, Dragon Evo manages to offer a different and very entertaining experience worthy of your time.



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