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Dragon Atlas is a free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from 37 Games that you can play on your browser. It features a fantasy world where players battle against real life or computer generated opponents together with their dragon.

There are only two available classes to choose from, each one with their distinct and unique characteristics and four different classes for your dragon. Later on, as the game progresses mercenaries become available for you to hire from the Tavern. You can either follow the main story and get rewarded for completing quests or fight in the Player versus Player (PVP) event of the game called Arena. What is more, there are team oriented events for better and greater prizes.

In combat, you chose which opponent to attack and what abilities to use (the same goes for your dragon) and you just sit back and enjoy the battle. Every successful fight rewards you with experience, valor and gold that you can spend to upgrade your character or your dragon. The various models are greatly detailed and colorful with a certain anime feeling especially in battles. The soundtrack adds to the whole experience with epic themes and the appropriate sound effects.

Dragon Atlas is a MMORPG that looks good, and is easy to learn. With a vast world and fast paced, challenging battles, it offers a satisfying gaming experience that will entertain for a long time.



It was back at 1996 when Theodoros bought his first Personal Computer and with it a copy of Shogun : Total War. That was the beginning of many sleepless nights of exploring the fantastic world of gaming. He calls himself an “expert” defender and that’s his favorite gameplay style but he will not hesitate to grab a shield and go forth to protect his team as a tank. So next time you adventure in Azeroth and see a shield bearing cow named Klaras, you have found our guy! He is also a great fan of Role Playing Games. From Icewind Dale to Neverwinter Nights and Skyrim, you name it, he has played it all! He is not your average casual gamer, he is a dedicated fan!
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