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Dino Storm is a free-to-play, browser based, Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game from Splitscreen Studios. In a fantasy setting that gives an old West feeling, you ride your dinosaur and use your laser gun in a quest for riches and glory.

After a basic character creation screen you enter the game on the road to DinoVille. This small journey serves as a tutorial where you learn to handle your dinosaur and the combat system. Once you reach the main town, you are ready to take up more quests. The whole game revolves around killing mobs, upgrading your gun and picking up new skills for your dino. The combat system is very easy to master and basically pretty automatic. You just click on your opponent, choose a weapon and the abilities you wish to activate and your character begins the shooting.

For a browser game, Dino Storm features a colorful 3D world, with nice models for the dinosaurs and their riders and a pretty soundtrack which manages to give that ‘Old West’ touch. It also features Player versus Player (PVP) zones and a guild system.

With beautiful graphics, an original idea, a relatively easy gameplay and a big and helpful in-game community, Dino Storm offers a balanced and amusing gaming experience. A game that every MMO fan should try.



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