Dead Frontier

3D Browser MMORPG
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Dead Frontier
Dead Frontier

Does the sound of bashing a zombie's skull excites you? Do you like throwing grenades to a mob of mindless, slow-moving creatures and watch them explode to pieces? In Dead Frontier, the free-to-play MMORPG from Creaky Corpse, thousands of zombies await to be killed, for free!

In a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world, you create your character and set out to search for supplies and of course, kill zombies! To do so, there is a wide choice of weapons, from your fists to hand grenades and machine guns. Killing zombies is fun, but you must keep in mind that ammunition is hard to find and so are health kits! And you must also feed yourself regularly! Dead Frontier is a fun game that every fan of the survival horror genre should try.

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