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Cubic Castles is a Sandbox MMO developed and published by Cosmic Cow Games in 2014. If one could compare it to another title, it would probably be a Minecraft-Animal Crossing combination. In Cubic Castles you get your own realm, in which you can build whatever you want. The game itself gives you a lot of cool tools to make you the builder of anything possible, from basic towers, to music puzzles, to get-to-the-end platformer games.

Cubic Castles’ world is a vast one. All players are packed in one server and you can visit everyones realm so that you can get building ideas, buy anything from their shop or simply hang out and try some puzzles. What’s bad about its realm system is that for you to find anyone you have to start searching far and wide because fast-tracking isn’t available. Also your realm isn’t noticable on the map so you may find it hard to get back.

Another bad thing is the way the camera is pointed, it makes the game unplayable at some times. You may find yourself in a player’s building and can’t find a way out or you may miss things along your way just because of the top-down view of the camera.

When talking about variety, Cubic Castles is a chaos. There are so many cool items and crafted materials that you can basically do anything you want. You have to find all those things by yourself though because the game’s questing system and tutorial are nowhere near helpful. You better look a guide up if you want to play the game on the long run.

As a verdict, Cubic Castles is one of the most interesting Sandbox Building MMO’s where your limits are only your imagination. Yes, there might be a few drawbacks to its gameplay but which sandbox game doesn’t? If you have a small one in your family which you want to spend time with but Minecraft is an expensive option for you, then Cubic Castles is the perfect solution since it’s available on both mobile devices and Steam.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo or higher
Memory (RAM): 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: 50 MB
Graphics Card: 1024×768, DirectX 10


  • Variety of things to build/ creation of puzzles
  • Create your own shop and trade blocks
  • Cross-Platform
  • Huge variety of items
  • One server for all players


  • Camera view
  • Requires a building guide
  • Buggy UI
  • Difficult to navigate through the map


Katerina is currently a student in National Technical University of Athens as a Surveying Engineer. She was a gamer from early on, spending most days on Atari and NEO GEO emulators on her parents PC, furiously seeking her next favorite videogame. She truly realised her love for videogames when she became an adult though and from that moment on she wanted to make it her carreer by any means necessary. After having spent a few years in videogame journalism she came to believe that one day she will be the most famous videogame reviewer in existence.
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