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Cosmic League is a MMO Shooter published by Cyberstep and released on the 10th of December 2015. It is a fast paced anime shooter that brings some intense 10v10 action between humanoid and robot characters.

The graphics of the game are catered towards the anime fans and they have nailed the style by offering really charming aesthetic.

The roster features six classes that bring their unique style to battle. This allows players to create their teams appropriately in order to face the unique dynamic arenas that have their map alter as the matches progress. In order to not be too overwhelming there are leagues that allow players to learn the game first.

The Rookie league is designed for new-comers, then the Prime League features 7v7 battles and at the top is the Master League that offers the full 10v10 experience. Missions also feature rewards of unlockable items for character customization and there is also a paint editor that allows players to change the color of their gear.

Cosmic League is a well-balanced game that allows players to increase their rank if they are skilled in the game.

As with other Eastern games, the controls and the games UI is really clustered and requires more time to get used to. In Conclusion Cosmic League provides a fun anime themed game but it did not find a large audience in the west and ended up shutting down on the 12th of April 2017.

If you live in the west and enjoy anime themed games together with the bad news, Cyberstep also announced that they launched CosmicBreak Adventures their new mobile game in the West.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Processor:Intel Core i3 or greater
Memory (RΑΜ):4GB or greater
Hard Disk Space:2GB or greater
Graphics Card:NVIDIA Geforce GTS 450 or greater


  • Fun Anime styled Graphics
  • Role specific Classes to choose from
  • Balanced and Skill based Leagues


  • Clustered UI
  • Lack of tutorial to guide players
  • Catered towards a specific fan base


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