Combat Arms: Reloaded

Combat Arms: Reloaded

3D Client Shooter
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Combat Arms: Reloaded
Combat Arms: Reloaded

Combat Arms: Reloaded is the complete overhaul of the 2008 classic Combat Arms title. It’s a free-to-play, MMO Shooter game developed and published by Nexon which offers fast-paced combat with many game modes in more than 70 maps!

Choose from more than 600 hundred different firearms, complete game objectives and of course win matches in order to earn the in-game currency and buy more and upgraded weapons! The updated matchmaking system will ensure that you will be pitted against opponents of similar skills and the upgraded game engine will deliver state-of-the-art 3D graphics with mesmerizing sound and visual effects that will give you a feeling of a real battlefield! What is more, the plethora of different game modes and maps and the huge in-game community will make sure that you will always find someone to test your skills against! Combat Arms: Reloaded is a game that every fan of the genre must try!

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