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Chronicles of Eidola is the latest browser based Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from AMZGame. Set in a fantasy 3D world, it offers players unique challenges and many different modes with high end graphics.

Eidola are your faithful servants and they are of many different types allowing for numerous combinations that lead to endless gameplay possibilities. Every battle offers a unique challenge and will require all of your tactical skills and resourcefulness to achieve victory. You create a team of Eidola and strategically place them in order to maximize their damage potential and minimize losses; fast thinking and adaptability is necessary in order to timely and correctly use your followers’ abilities. And if you want some extra challenge, you can test the Gauntlet where you face waves of opponents without the chance of recovering between fights; it will put your team to the test!

Chronicles of Eidola also offers many daily events, from challenging world Bosses to playing fun mini games for extra rewards. What is more, the Arena offers PVP enthusiasts the chance to test their skills against other players to win Medals of Honor and exchange them for items in the shop.

With modern 3D graphics, an interesting story, challenging combat mechanics and many different game modes, Chronicles of Eidola is a game that every fan of the genre must try!



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