Camelot Unchained

3D Client MMORPG
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Camelot Unchained
Camelot Unchained

Three Realms battle each other for having the chance to become the first to rebuild the One True City, Camelot, which will you help? This is the story of Camelot Unchained, the MMORPG from City State Entertainment that offers a new approach to what we consider typical of the genre.

Three Realms each with seven different races and twelve unique classes, a massive world where almost everything is crafted by players and where borders and landscapes constantly change and a unique combat system where abilities must be created by combined components are the pillars of Camelot Unchained. Intense PVP action from simple duels to large scale battles and excellent graphics contribute to the experience and make this game a must-have for every MMORPG enthusiast!

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