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Call of Gods is a 2D browser MMORTS game, including lots of RPG elements, published by Aeria Games. With more than 30 different landscape types, from volcanic regions to enormous green plains, the well-designed graphics combined with a stunning music sequence, guides a player smoothly into the interesting background story.

By picking one of the three main races – elf, undead and human – you start the journey of becoming a powerful Lord. Your managerial activities begin with the establishment of your stronghold, including the construction of the main castle and several secondary buildings. Gather the necessary resources, upgrade what you have built and fortify your army with more advance and hard-forged weapons to enlighten your path towards leadership. A huge variety of gloomy and hazardous dungeons, of various difficulty levels, are waiting to be explored and to reveal their secrets, as well as their treasures!!!

The game offers a remarkable battle system, following the turn-based pattern. For extra help, in an extremely competitive environment, you can establish strong alliances with other members of the community and recruit epic heroes with particular skills to fight by your side and become the leaders of your army. The list of your enemies includes vicious NPCs to real players willing to grab your fortune and slain your people. Your might can be tested by fighting other gladiators in the arena, or by escorting your armies to kill powerful bosses. A vast amount of rewards and rare items is offered after you have completed a quest.

Finally, an auction house is always available to sell or buy useful parts of equipment, or magic items and of course to bargain. So deploy your armies and get yourself ready to be judged by the Gods will!



Dionissis was always keen on the gaming evolution, from the early console days of Sega Mega Drive and Super NES to the first gaming engines such as Amiga and Amstrad. But as soon as the first personal computers appeared, more exciting things showed up. And there came the “Monkey Island” series and the adventure games genre. RPG’s entered his life the first day he played “Diablo” by Blizzard Entertainment. Many gaming hours followed since then. He is still a gamer because as the wise men say “Once a gamer, always a gamer”, but he is also interested in new technologies and mobile applications.
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