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Brawlhalla is a free to play online 2D action game, by Blue Mammoth Games and currently is on Early Access (Open Beta)status, planned to officially launch within 2016. Choose your legend among 26 characters and engage into a 2D platformer beat ‘em up action, like you ‘ve never experienced before. And this is true for Brawlhalla, as it certainly is a distinctive game, with an expanding player base that showcases how simple mechanics and well-cared polish, can make a game really stand out.

Character selection is very well defined, as the game provides you with enough heroes, called Legends, and playing styles that will certainly suit your wildest dreams. Each Legend carries his own arsenal of weapons and gadgets and has his own signature abilities, but new items can be also found in the battlefield allowing players to dynamically change each fight’s balance.

The art design and the graphics are superb with vibrant colors, successfully highlighting the characters as well as the environments, running with high frame rates even on low-spec builds.Overall gameplay is simple, fast, fun and addictive, exactly how it should be for a game of this kind, clearly setting a benchmark for other titles. Online modes are also very well structured and greatly competitive. Players can fight for glory in 1×1, 2×2,4×4 online ranked arenas, either by teaming up or playing solo in free for all matches. Special additional modes are also available,like local play with up to 4 players for face-to-face battle encounters.

Currently in Open Beta, Brawlhalla has already managed to distinguish itself from other similar games and attract a huge interest from the online community. Not without reason. Join the beta to find out why.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System:
Memory (RΑΜ):1 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space:75 MB available space
Graphics Card:



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