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Bleach Online is a free-to-play Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) loosely based on the popular manga and anime Bleach. You wake up after a thousand-year sleep with no recollection of your origins in an alien human world where you must help your friends and at the same time discover your identity.

Upon entering the game, you will complete a set of introductory quests that serve as a tutorial and you will meet Jushiro Ukitake, a character from the anime series who will tell you a little bit about yourself. The quest-driven story will have you battle hordes of enemies, join others in boss fights and meet many figures from the popular Bleach saga that will help you in combat. Every quest reveals more about yourself and rewards you with experience, loot and currency that can be used to level-up, buy new gear or upgrade the items you already have.

The game implements auto-pathing and auto-combat to make your life easier; battles revolve around assembling a team and strategically placing your units in order to achieve maximum damage with minimal losses. Bleach Online features 2D graphics with highly detailed character models and environments straight out of the anime series. What is more, there are lots of interesting and fun games to play (such as a bikini contest!) to receive currency and special gear! PVP combat becomes available at level 24 in the form of Arena matches that will earn you money and a place in the PVP ranking.

In conclusion, Bleach Online is a game for fans of the popular anime saga and RPG enthusiasts alike; it has an interesting story, fast-paced battles and emits a general fun and relaxing feeling that will entertain players for a long time.



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