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Blade and Soul News

Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury!

The latest update for Blade & Soul, Warden’s Fury is launching on September 12 and those that register before September 7 will get a Wandering Swordsman Pack for free! [arve url=”” /] The pack contains the Untold Fury Costume, the Endless Fury Illusion Weapon Box, a Special ...[Read More]

Blade & Soul: Next Big Update Includes Serious Changes For Items And Systems!

The Blade & Soul: False Idols update goes live today! Get ready for some major and minor changes! First of all, players must complete at least one clear of Tower of Infinity or Circle of Sundering each week in order to be eligible for weekly rewards in that ranking. Also, completing the Naryu Sanctum, Irontech Forge, Ebondrake Lair, S...[Read More]

Blade And Soul: Premium Bundle

SteelSeries is giving away free keys for Blade & Soul: Eternal Night Premium Bundle! Click the red button, log in to your SteelSeries account, press the “get Your Key” button and follow the instructions on how to redeem it! The Bundle contains the Shock Jock¬†Costume and 7 days of Premium Membership which will give you spec...[Read More]

Blade and Soul: Premium Bundle Giveaway

Steelseries and NCSOFT are celebrating the release of Fire and Blood, the latest update for Blade and Soul and they are giving away free Premium Bundle keys! Click the red button, login to your Steelseries account, press the “Get Your Key” button and follow the instructions to redeem your code! The Premium Bundle contains the ...[Read More]

Blade And Soul: Free Premium Membership Key!

Alienware and NCSOFT are teaming up and to celebrate Dawn of the Lost Continent, the latest update for Blade and Soul, they are giving away a free and exclusive Membership Pack! Each pack contains a 7-day Premium Membership, bonus XP and Gold plus extra benefits and a Constellation Weapon Chest (Constellation Weapon Skin for your class)! ...[Read More]

Blade & Soul: Wings of the Raven Now Live!

NCSoft has recently made live the new patch for Blade & Soul, called “Wings of the Raven”! This new update brings new content and rewards to the table, mainly including and focusing on two new 24 player dungeons and the insanely hard end-game raid of “Skybreak Spire”! Of course, extra goodies such as a new Lege...[Read More]

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