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BlackShot is an FPS game that was developed by Vertigo games and was published by Papaya Play in April 2009. When starting out there are four characters to choose from: Travis and Vanessa have speed as their primary stat and they start with an M16A1 whereas Adam and Cathy specialize in defence and their starting weapon is a MP5. Out of the usual game modes Capture the Commander was an interesting twist. A random player from each team is appointed Commander and if the opposing team takes him out they win the game.

There is a store present where players can rent weapons, buy cosmetics and tactics. Weapons are rented in hours and that time goes down only for the time it is used and not of if just sitting idly in the inventory which is a good thing. These items are available via the in game currency, Bounty Points, which is obtained by playing and Bounty Cash which is gained by using real money. BlackShot has been around a long time and it provides its dose of fun so I would recommend players to try it out for a bit, especially if they enjoy First Person Shooter’s.

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