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In Gameforges’ Bitefight, you take on the role of either a fearsome Werewolf, intent on undead destruction – or a dastardly Vampire, keen on seeing the canine men destroyed once and for all. Most, if not all, of the games features revolve around this conflict, and as one of the two factions, the majority of your time spent in game will be traveling the countryside and hunting the other.

Earn gold by becoming victorious in battle, and spend it on your safe house for both you can your entire clan. Continue to grow your wealth and expand your territorial holdings, to simultaneously push out your enemy, and to bolster your own forces on the field. Compete with other clans to become the eminent leaders of the country, and to impose your will upon all those who have been cast down before you.

In Bitefight, PvP content is king. Complete with in depth leaderboards and rankings, you will never have to look far in order to see where you stand in the world, and who stands alongside you. Whether you choose to fight them, or join them, in entirely up to you.


  • An in depth combat system based on the numbers, not on pizzazz
  • Vampires Vs Werewolves


  • Point to click
  • The world seems fairly empty
  • Not enough of a player base to be fun
  • You need a guild to really feel like you’ve made a difference


A writer of fiction and lover of all things fantastical, Matthew has spent many of his days immersed in one created world or another, be they an MMO, traditional video game, or a work of literary fiction. Having been both an avid writer and video game lover for his entire life, the next logical step seemed to be, you guess it, writing about video games. And so here he is, doing that.

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