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Battlerite News

Battlerite: Winter Mega Patch

The Winter Mega Patch has arrived in Battlerite! Enjoy the Yuletide Winter Event and play with three brand-new Heroes! Meet Shen Rao, the Tempest of the East! He used to be The Dragon of Storms and was loved and worshiped for his majesty and power. Unfortunately, his arrogance made him defy the Void but lost. As a result of his defeat, he...[Read More]

Battlerite – Armored Black Bear DLC

Another great offer from! This time, you can get one of the 10000 available Armored Black Bear DLCs for Battlerite! Just click the red button, log in with your Steam account and complete the listed tasks, it’s that easy! Note that you need to install an extension in your browser to track tasks. Also, a Reddit account is ...[Read More]

Free Destiny Chroma Guardian Outfit and Chroma Blaster Weapon key

For all of you Battlerite lovers, there is an exclusive offer! Now and just by clicking the red button, you can get a free key for some in-game goodies! Once redeemed, the key will give you a Destiny Chroma Guardian Outfit and a Chroma Blaster Weapon!

Battlerite Royale: Zebra Mount Key

MMOBomb and Stunlock Studios have joined forces to present you with free Zebra Mount keys for Battlerite Royale! The only thing you need to do is click the red button, login to your MMOBomb account and complete the listed tasks! Then, you must follow the instructions and redeem your key! Remember that you must already own the game to play...[Read More]

Battelerite: Armored Black Bear Mount (DLC)

MMOBomb joined forces with Stunlock Studios in order to present us with free keys for Battlerite’s Armored Black Bear Mount (DLC)! Click the red button, login to your MMOBomb account, complete the listed tasks to get your key and follow the instructions to redeem it! Get it now while supplies last!

Battlerite: Patch 1.5 – Ulric, the Unwavering Light

Patch 1.5.0 for Battlerite is live! Get ready for the return of Bakko’s Egg Brawl together with some new optimizations for improved performance and a brand-new Champion, Ulric, the Unwavering Light! In Bakko’s Egg Brawl, magical eggs are hidden all over the Arena; dress up as Bakko, take your team, find them and throw them to your enemies...[Read More]

Free Battlerite – Razer Serpent Mount!

The Razer site is offering a free Razer Serpent Mount for Battlerite! Click the red button, login with your Razer ID and get your key now! Afterwards, launch the Steam client, click the Games Menu, choose “Activate a Product on Steam” and follow the instructions to complete the process and get your mount!

Battelerite: Free Armored Black Bear Mount

For those of you that own Battlerite, this is your chance to get a free mount! Click the red button, get your free code and follow the instructions in order to receive an Armored Black Bea Mount!

Battlerite: Exclusive Mount for Free! [ENDED] and Stunlock Studios are joining forces to present us with another great offer! Now you can get an exclusive Deathstalker Scorpion Mount for free! The only thing you have to do is click the button and complete as many of the listed tasks as you can! Hurry up!

Battlerite: Now Free to Play on Steam!

Battlerite, one of the most well-crafted battle arena games out there, makes its debut on Steam finally leaving Early Access behind and becoming a Free-to-Play game! You will experience the unique combination of a top-down shooter meeting a fast-paced fighting game and take part in highly competitive, adrenaline-fueled 2v2 and 3v3 battles...[Read More]

Get Free In Game Content And Mounts For Battlerite

Battlerite is now free-to-play on Steam! Grab your ingame loot and new mounts to start off with style. (DLC) Sweet CandyCorn (DLC) TwitchIcorn (DLC) Elemental Steed Claim your Magic Royal Carpet Claim your Magic Moonlight Carpet  

Get A Free Champion On Battlerite To Celebrate Its F2P Version On Steam

To celebrate the free-to-play launch of Battlerite on Steam, MMOBomb and Stunlock Studios are teaming to get our users a free gift Steam key. This gift key grants access to a chest which contains 1 Free Champion: Ashka “The Molten Fury” + 2 random drops.

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