Pelagia Skordialou

Pelagia is a long-time lover of all things video game related. She soon realized that her interests didn't lie only in just playing video games but craved to write and talk about them also. She began writing about video games for various hobby sites and magazines a little over five years ago. During that time she has also taken on various roles in the games community which helped to broaden her field experience.



RuneScape Review

RuneScape is a free to play browser MMORPG, developed and published by Jadex. The game has 3D graphics and it is set in a mythical fantasy realm. RuneScape is a very popular browser game and although relatively old, users are still getting enrolled in high rates. Players can explore a great world which is divided in cities, kingdoms and regions and live their own adventure. RuneScape has a charact...[Read More]



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Runescrape is the most popular MMORPG free to play browser game, developed and published by Jadex. It has 3D graphics and it takes place in a fantasy realm. Players have unlimited options in how to play their characters and how to upgrade as they have to choose among 26 different skills. Alliances can be formed, trading, killing monsters and battles against other players.

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