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Atlas Reactor
Atlas Reactor

Atlas is the lone survivor of the 13 Reactors that used to provide eternal life to mankind and five companies called Trusts battle for control over it. You are a Freelancer, one of the very few lucky ones that are given the gift of immortality and must fight for your Trust’s agenda. This is Atlas Reactor, a free-to-play Strategy game from Trion Worlds that will rock your world!

Play as one of the 25 Freelancers in turn-based matches where two teams of 4 fight each other in a plethora of maps for experience and great rewards! This is a game where you must plan ahead, try to guess your opponents’ next move, cooperate with your teammates and sometimes just be lucky in order to win! What is more, it looks absolutely stunning! Seldom does a game give such an excellent feeling of urgency, satisfaction and sheer fun! If you are looking for a different take on the Strategy genre, you must absolutely try Atlas Reactor!

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