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Ashes of Creation is the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from Interpid Studios. Players will get to explore a vast fantasy world, discover its secrets and change the course of History through their actions.

The game world is a truly massive one, with numerous locations to visit, all beautifully depicted with 3D graphics, dynamic lighting and excellent artworks for monster and character models. It is a vibrant, colorful place worthy to be called home where your every choice has direct consequences not only to yourself but also to those around you.

In Ashes of Creation you get to choose where you will build your home. Want to be a hermit? Build your shack in a remote place and learn to live off the land; or buy a place in a city and enjoy the urban life. Trade and commerce are necessary for settlements to grow and caravans are used to transport goods. They provide an excellent way to make some coin either by protecting them or by raiding them!

Resource gatherers such as poachers or farmers, together with crafters such as smithies and alchemists are vital for a Kingdom’s economy; explorers, adventurers and traders discover new opportunities for growth and finally warriors are the tools with which such expansion is made possible. As in every MMORPG, combat plays a great part; whether you are chasing a legendary monster, taking part in a Siege or destroying others on the battlefield for the glory of your Guild, you will enjoy fast-paced action coupled with stunning visual effects.

Ashes of Creation is a great game, promising a unique experience that will alter the way we play games.

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