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Angel Stone is a free-to-play, 3D dungeon crawler, stage-based Action Role Playing Game (ARPG), developed and published by Fincon for android and IOS devices. The game features top notch quality graphics made with the new Unreal 4 engine, a dark apocalyptic theme, stage-based levels with three different difficulties and a variety of collectible skills.

Players start off by choosing their character from 3 different classes, Berserker, Gunslinger and Shadow Mage. Each character has its own set of skills and abilities, there are also tons of equipment choices to customize your hero but unfortunately very poor customization when it comes to Character Creation.

Combat in Angel Stone is polished and unique and graphics are extremely detailed and flashy. While most mobile ARPGs use the classic “virtual joystick plus action buttons” system Angel Stone introduces a tap moving and targeting system where abilities are activated with gesture controls such as swiping in different direction to achieve various different skills.

Furthermore, the game features several PvE and PvP modes, except from the main storyline there is a co-op, of three players, mode and an 1 vs 1 arena PVP mode.

Angel Stone is an exciting 3D action RPG, with unique controls and Devil May Cry like graphics, definitely a game to try out if you love the hack-n-slash action.



Manolis Vinichakis is an avid gamer and YouTube content creator, his love for gaming emerged in the "early Diablo" days and led him through several MMOs. World of Warcraft has been his passion for over ten years. During these endless gaming hours he has been taking various roles from raid-leading in high-end guilds to topping the PvP ladders and participating in Blizzard's events. He began writing about games as a hobby in several websites and forums, a little over two years ago. A link to his gaming channel: Frappe Gaming
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