America`s Army: Proving Grounds

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America`s Army: Proving Grounds
America`s Army: Proving Grounds

America`s Army: Proving Grounds is a free-to-play FPS game designed and published by the American Army. It acts as a recruitment tool with some integrated videos that explain life in the army but in a subtle and completely inoffensive way. Other than that, it is an extremely addictive game title that offers fast-paced tactical combat, with high levels of realism.

There are two available modes, with a 6v6 one simulating U.S. Army training and a 12v12 one for a more challenging experience in larger and more complex maps. Communication and coordination with your teammates, tactical deployment and personal skill are the keys to victory; one-man-army heroics will most of the times result in a headshot and instant death. If you love FPS games and you are after one that will test all your skills, America`s Army: Proving Grounds should be your next download!

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