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Albion Online
Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive is behind Albion Online, the MMORPG that takes players on a fantastic journey in a world full of secrets waiting to be discovered. There are no classes in Albion Online; your equipped gear defines how you play, since any abilities or skills you have come directly from your weapons or armor sets. Fame is the key factor here and is used to unlock new skills, upgrade the already known to higher tiers and to determine the level of items you may use.

The game’s world is colorful and beautifully depicted with 3D cartoonish artwork that gives out a fairy tale feeling. Gather resources and make a profit from selling them or buy materials to craft various items for you or for others to buy; everything in this game is user-created! Join Guilds, participate in intense PVP action and strip the cold bodies of your enemies from their belongings! Albion Online is not a mere game; it is a rare and memorable experience that few other titles can match!

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