Grab a World of Warships gift key from Wargaming – for both newbies and vets [ENDED]

Grab a World of Warships gift key from Wargaming – for both newbies and vets [ENDED]

What’s up all? We have another great offer from Massively OP for World of Warships. Read on for their offering.

World of Warships is in the midst of a major patch – it just added the Faroe Islands last week – and a major transition as Wargaming plants its corporate roots in new countries. In celebration of the new release, the studio has granted us a bundle of keys that unlock goodies for players and would-be players of the MMO.

The code grants different goodies depending on whether or not you’re a brand-new player or existing players. Brand-new accounts will snag 200 Doubloons, 2M Credits, 7 days of Premium Account time, the Campbeltown British Premium Tier III Destroyer and Port Slot and Captain, the Nassau German Tier III Battleship and Port Slot and Captain, 3x Credits Containers, 3x Resources Containers, and 3x Lucky Containers, while existing players pick up one day of Premium Account time and the same nine Containers.

A few words about World of Warships

World of Warships is a free to play MMO game, centered on epic naval battles during the World War II era. You will command various warships, from terrorizing battleships to fast cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers.

To be victorious, luck will not suffice. You will need to develop a strategic and tactical mindset, suited for naval battles, like fleet management, vessel positioning and maneuvering, aiming, shooting and evading enemy fire. If you think that you can do it all alone, think again. Your teammate?s effectiveness and ultimately your team?s composition and proficiency are the only elements that will secure the sinking of the opposing fleet and grant you victory!

Details about the game can be found at World of Warships

Last minute notes

Follow the on-screen instructions to get and redeem your key.

Isn’t that great news or what? Click on the button below to claim your prize. It couldn’t be any easier! Like to know before everyone else? a massive list of active Giveaways and Contests reside at our Giveaways and Free Steam Keys pages.

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