ADEPT MYSTIC GUIDE – Best Comps Cheat Sheet – Teamfight Tactics FATES

ADEPT MYSTIC GUIDE – Best Comps Cheat Sheet – Teamfight Tactics FATES

What if there was one build to rule them all in Set 4.

Well there is and in this guide i ll explain all about it so you get a headstart once Set 4 is live.

Stick around.

In today’s guide we are gonna be taking a look at one of the most dominant builds currently in PBE, i know numbers are subject to change but its core mechanic is realy fun and i predict it will ship as an S+ tier build into the live servers.

Our first Build for set 4 is Adept Mystic. We ll talk about general playstyle of the comp, chosen, leveling, items and carousel priority the early mid and late game options, comp specific positioning, our powerspikes and lastly our win conditions!

General Playstyle

This is a late game comp, althought it shines at level 8 and 9 it can be very frustrating in the mid game, especially with Irelia harashing the frontline while Morgana covering the whole map with tormented shadows and morelonomicon. The general idea is to use replacements such as 3 cultists or 3 moonlight, with cultist being the superior choice in the early game. In that case Elise will be the item carrier for Shen and Twisted Fate will carry the items for Morgana. Once in mid game you will start replacing units as soon as you get them and transfer the items to the 4star carries. One thing to note here is that if you get an early Shen you right away get him on board since even in 1 star he tanks whole teams and with 1 or 2 defensive items he can easily carry you to the late game.


Best chosen for Adept Mystics is Morgana with double Dazzle and mana reduction. The general strategy is to get an early chosen to carry you through the early and mid game and sell it before your roll down so you have a chance for the 4star chosen. In my opinion best early chosen is Elise and i try to fish for her every game since in most cases she carries my game until i roll down for my 4costs. Other options are TF, moonlight units like Sylas or an early ninja like Zed who can carry with the Yone items.


This is a fast 8 build, you will want to level to 4 on 2-1, prelevel to 5 before carousel so you have a chance for a 4cost right after it and level to 6 on 3-1 if you winstreak or on 3-2 if you didnt. This is where it gets different from what we are used to in galaxies, getting to level 7 will require 36 gold instead of 32 and getting to level 8 will need aditional 10 gold, changed from 50 gold in galaxies to 56 gold in fates. So we still level to 7 at 4-1 but getting to 8 at 4-3 will most likely let us with zero gold. Thats why we aim to level to 8 at stage 5-1 and we roll down for all our key units. Remember we need 3 4costs on our roll down so we ll need to have at least 30 gold to spend. From that point on we stabilize and we slowly progress back into 50 gold interest, so we can get to level 9 to have access to our 2star 5costs.


Item carriers are Morgana and Shen, with leftovers going on Yone and Ezreal. Morgana items are a priority as she will be your damage carry until the very late stages of the game, where Yone and Ezreal take the lead. Morelonomicon is a must for Morgana and paired with 1 and optimally 2 Spear of Shojins, turn the map into a giant purple lake. Shen wants any defensive item with Gargoyle Stoneplate being by far the best item for him, other items are Sunfire Cape and Dragon’s Claw. Yone wants a Thieves Gloves to thrive and since sparring gloves arent useful in any other item we need, i usually make it early and put it on a carry or ninja for an early powerspike. Ezreal wants the same items as Morgana but in most cases he gets the leftovers from late game carousels and neutral rounds. The best opener for carousel is either Tear or Rod with giant belt being an inferior but acceptable choice.

Early Mid and Late game Strategy

So we already suggested going 3 cultists at the early game. Although early Cultists seem to not have many counters, you shouldnt tunnel too much and play what the game gives you. Many times i end up with moonlight early game with Lissandra doing a great job with a morello and spear. At level 4 if you go the Cultist way you can get an assasin like akali inside and at level 5 u get a keeper like Jarvan. At level 6 and 7 u finish your 3 mages synergy and from that point on, you start replacing your roster with key 4cost champions. Ofc Morgana and Shen at 1star are instant replacements of their counterparts. Best carrier for the Thiefs gloves in this particular version is akali.

Now about the moonlight path, you want your items on Sylas and Lissandra, at level 4 you will add either a second brawler or a second Dazzler with Brawler being the superior option, at level 5 you add what you are missing and at level 6 and 7 you make a strong frontline with 4 brawlers. From that point on, you again start gathering your final pieces to get to your late game comp that looks like this.

Ofc there many variations, you can drop the 2 mystics for 5cost 2stars if you dont need magic resist or you can drop an adept if there are no AD comps left in the lobby.


You will want to position Shen as a solo frontline once he has 1 or 2 items, he can easily solo tank with adept and 4 mystic even at 1star. You want yone on the second or third row with no adjastement allies next to him so he gets the exile trait up and running and you want to protect Morgana and Ezreal from assasins and shades prefferably with Irelia because her aoe disarm is devastating for these comps.


Ok guys, one thing i want to clarify is that, this isnt a basic and easy comp to get through, at level 8 you will have to change most of your pieces and in order to do that without losing too much hp you must follow these 2 rules:

1. You never change a 2star for an 1star unless its Morgana or Shen.
2. You dont change individual units you change Synergies, what i mean is that you dont drop 3 cultists for a single 2star Lux you change it for 2 Dazzlers.

With all that said, our early powerspikes are Morgana with at least 1 spear and morello, Shen with 2 defensive items or Irelia 2 with 2 adept and 2 mystic synergies on.


Win Conditions

Our win condition is adept 3 with 2 out of 3 on 2star Irellia plus either Shen or Yone and Morgana 2 with morello and 4 Dazzler synergy.

This build once fully deployed is almost unkillable, although it got some big nerfs and it isnt an auto-win any more, its still one of the most consistent top 4 builds and top first place contendor if you have optimal items on Morgana and Shen.
Thats it for the guide, there is also a video guide coming up, let me know what you think in the comments section below, tell me if you like these guides or if this was any helpful and until next time. Stay competitive.

Have fun and do not forget, for the most updated TFT Cheat Sheet around visit our TFT Cheat Sheet page. For the most accurate TFT Champions Tier List please visit our TFT Tier List page. For a huge selection of active Giveaways and Contests, visit our Giveaways and Free Steam Keys pages.

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