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Battlerite: Winter Mega Patch

Battlerite: Winter Mega Patch

The Winter Mega Patch has arrived in Battlerite! Enjoy the Yuletide Winter Event and play with three brand-new Heroes!

Meet Shen Rao, the Tempest of the East! He used to be The Dragon of Storms and was loved and worshiped for his majesty and power. Unfortunately, his arrogance made him defy the Void but lost. As a result of his defeat, he was sealed into a mortal body with only a fraction of his powers. Nevertheless, he still is a formidable warrior who rains down lightning and creates violent thunderstorms!

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Additionally, as part of the Yuletide event, we will meet two new Champions. Poloma is a psychopomp from the deep forests of Silverridge. She uses her shamanic powers to guide life and spirits together with her companion Toki. Driven by her curiosity and extraordinary senses, she now seeks answers in the arena. Also, with Yuletide comes another Hero, Lucie. She is an alchemist expelled from the Toleen Academy for mixing banned potions. As a master-brewer, she always knows which potion to use. She sees the Arena as her playground for wild experiments!

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What is more, the event itself is a great way to earn consumables, outfits and have fun with friends! New goblins with a bags full of goodies are here! Make sure to defeat them to earn event-exclusive consumables! Also, keep an eye out for the snowball fights and transform into a hungry snowman, or put on a Raging Moose Mask and charge into battle! Alternatively, you can prepare a Winter Feast for everyone to enjoy!

If you are one of those few that Yuletide fails to warm their hearts, you may meet Winter’s Greed. He is a hooded spectre with crooked horns and icy eyes that will come to take you away never to be seen again! Another important character is the Frost Father Bakko. According to the legend, his appearance is a sure sign that winter is approaching! Finally, when the tribes gather around the fire pit, they talk about Alysia the Lightbringer. She is a creature of otherworldly beauty who brings a spark of light and warmth when the winter is at its harshest!

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