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The Elder Scrolls Online: Experience The Elder Scrolls Online for Free this Week!

The Elder Scrolls Online is offering a Free Play event! From Thursday, December 6 through Tuesday, December 11, you can join millions of adventurers and enjoy your favorite game on all platforms for free!

To join the event, firstly you need to go to the Free Play page. There, you have to select a platform and download the game-it’s a 80GB download so have patience and space! After that, you just need to create an account and you are ready to play!  Note that you need a PlayStation®Plus and an Xbox Live Gold membership.

During the event, players will gain access to the ESO’s base game and Morrowind DLC. In this way, you will get to explore its massive world, fight to restore the demi-god Vivec’s lost powers as well as reclaim your stolen soul from the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. Additionally, you can access Cyrodiil, a massive open-world PvP zone and the Battlegrounds, a fast-paced 4v4v4 PvP arena! What is more, you will get to travel to Vvardenfell and experience the home of the Dark Elves!

All new accounts will receive 500 Crowns to use at the store and if you decide to buy the game after the event, all your progression will be saved! Finally, it’s a great opportunity to sign up for the #OurElderScrolls Sweepstakes and win amazing prizes including a trip to BE3 2019!

For more information, please visit the Official page

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